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The object of this Program is to enhance and support the Police Department by freeing up Officers for higher priority duties. Provide more eyes and ears on the streets observing and reporting crime and/or suspicious activity.


The ID-A-Bike Program is a means of assisting the police and serving our community in returning lost or stolen bikes.

Benefits of registering your bike with the Police Department
1. Provides accurate information for police and the owner.
2. Assists police in returning lost or stolen bikes.


Officers and the Citizens On Patrol will perform daytime and nighttime patrols of your property while you are away. It includes a perimeter check, physical and/or visual check of all doors and windows, verification of vehicles left on the property, and verification of any people found on the property.


"The first 3 hours are the most crucial..."

When a child is reported missing, time is our greatest enemy. A study by the Washington State Attorney General's Office indicates that in 74 percent of the most tragic cases, missing-child homicides, the child is killed within the first 3 hours.

With this in mind, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® (NCMEC) launched LOCATER™, a web-based program that enhances law enforcement's ability to recover missing children by providing them with the tools necessary to rapidly disseminate images and information locally, statewide, or nationwide. LOCATER is available to any law-enforcement agency free of charge.

LOCATER is a web-based poster-creation program that provides law enforcement agencies with access to create and distribute their own posters to include Missing Children, Missing Adults, AMBER Alert, Wanted, Crime Alert, and other additional titles. The program allows agencies to distribute posters electronically and transmit the information to other agencies, media outlets, and the general public via Email distribution. Law enforcement agencies are also provided access to LOCATER WebMail to use to communicate with all LOCATER users nationwide.

How Does It Work?

LOCATER provides LEA's with access to create and distribute posters to other agencies, media outlets and the public via E-Mail, Fax or Print Distribution.